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Our partner practices offer a flexible, welcoming workplace to grow your anesthesia career. Whether you want a partnership track, leadership opportunities, or a lighter schedule, there’s a perfect fit for you.


Build a Career that Works for Your Life

AAC grew out of an anesthesia practice. We know how challenging the work can be. That’s why we focus on flexible, secure, and predictable work.

Our non-hospital, outpatient anesthesia practices offer predictable work schedules that follow the more traditional “business” hours of our clients. No nights, no mandatory weekends, no holidays, and no call. Just flexible employment options and a team of like-minded professionals.

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“They Gave Me My Life Back.”

“I joined Mobile after 20 years of hospital work. Mobile gave me my life back. I am able to provide exceptional care for patients in an environment that is supportive and understanding. I am proud to be part of such a high quality organization.”

Neelam Rozanski, DO

Anesthesiologist, Mobile team member since 2022

Create the Career You Want — And Deserve

You care about your work and patients, you deserve a workplace that cares for you.

Bring your expertise and dedication; we’ll take care of building a schedule and work environment that works for you.
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Anesthesia Providers

At AAC practices, anesthesiologists and CRNAs are given the quality of life they dreamed of in medical school. Their days are about caring for patients, their nights, weekends, and holidays are their own to enjoy their lives.

Clinical Support Staff

AAC’s clinical support staff, peri-operative nurses, EMTs, anesthesia techs work reliable hours for great pay with teams that respect them. Some of our best leaders have grown from this team!

Healthcare Business Professionals

The business of healthcare is AAC’s business. That’s why we heavily invest in our people through competitive compensation and professional development, nurturing careers that provide the challenges and rewards that make “lifers” out of our team. 

Open Positions

Explore Open Roles at AAC and Our Partner Organizations

We are always looking to add to our renowned anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and support teams.

Because of our dedication to clinical autonomy and community medicine, each of our practices having different specialties and locations.

There are some common denominators. No AAC practice has team members working nights or holidays. There are no mandatory weekends and no call. There are also always flexible employment and scheduling options.

Click  on the practice you’re interested in joining to learn more and see open positions.

Mobile Anesthesiologists

Mobile’s Chicago-based ambulatory-based anesthesia practice offers predictable work schedules that match the hours of our surgical office, pediatric dental, and ASC clients. Mobile’s team is comprised of physician-anesthesiologists and CRNAs, depending on client-need. 

Noble Anesthesia Partners

Noble’s Texas-based group of physicians and CRNAs focuses on flexible, secure, and predictable work. They’ve built a friendly anesthesia group that offers autonomy and care-group approaches. Noble services cover all types of work environments, including surgery centers, office-based surgical suites, and surgical hospitals—which means you have options in building a career that works for your lifestyle.

M2 Anesthesia

M2 Anesthesia is a Pacific Northwest-based, physician-only group. They specialize in administering general anesthesia to pediatric dental patients on a daily basis and have become very safe and efficient because of it. Depending on location, this can be a “driving” job (through astonishingly beautiful countryside), though as a result, the farther that drive is, the lighter the overall schedule is for its doctors.

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From the OR to the office, we’re always looking for extraordinary professionals to join our team.

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