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The Complete Office-Based Surgical Platform

There are no partners like AAC. Understanding what AAC is means understanding what we aren’t. AAC practices install entire anesthesia and perioperative suites in surgical offices, but we’re not a staffing company. We cover revenue cycle, procurement, and everything else an MSO does, but we’re not an MSO. We provide custom scheduling, EMR integration, and full-stack tech infrastructure, but we’re not a technology vendor. We’re something more.

Ambulatory Anesthesia Care is a full-service platform that’s spent 25 years building the next phase in non-hospital healthcare for the US.  

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A Nationwide Anesthesia Platform Transforming Office-Based Surgery

Ongoing progress in healthcare policy means access to care in outpatient settings like ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices are the new, best option for millions of patients.

But for for office-based surgical groups to succeed, they need anesthesia groups that offer consistent, unparalleled support across all aspects of the business of healthcare

That’s where AAC comes in. By transforming ambulatory anesthesia groups into full-service platforms, we expand the promise of out-of-hospital care, especially in office-based settings.

AAC grew out of one of the nation’s first and best office-based anesthesia practices. Today, AAC partner practices across the country deliver an unmatched suite of services to clients while their clinical teams focus on safe, quality patient care, creating a path forward for independent groups free of the constraints of traditional corporate buyouts.

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Helping Healthcare Providers Break Free of the Hospital

The quintuple aim includes the provider experience.

In an era of consolidation where independent practices are losing control over clinical decision making, AAC offers a better way.

In joining AAC, ambulatory anesthesia practices experience a level of professionalization and support that lets them grow on their own terms. AAC partner practices:

  • Offer a standard of care that stands out nationally
  • Retain clinical autonomy and quality of life
  • And deepen their connection to their community

An anesthesia group joining AAC means they’re building the future of non-hospital surgical care.

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How We Build

Expanding the Reach of Non-Hospital Anesthesia

By taking care of the tedious back-office work — recruiting, revenue cycle, tech integrations, scheduling, marketing, sales, HR, equipment and procurement — AAC empowers anesthesia practices to focus on delivering excellent care in a safe and effective manner.

Office-Based Surgical Procedures

Safe. Comfortable. Convenient. We’re making sure that office-based clinics can improve patient throughput without anesthesia being an obstacle.

Office-Based Dental Procedures

Dentists with reliable anesthesia providers can offer more services to more people. Our work allows dedicated office-based dentists to transform the field.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Our anesthesia practices help ASCs expand their range of services, improving throughput for facilities and access to care for their patients.

The full-service anesthesia platform that’s transforming office-based surgery.

Noble Anesthesia Partners was known for its innovative approach to anesthesia and focus on quality of life for its team. Joining AAC in 2021 was an exciting next step for us and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

Michael Weiss, MD, MBA
Managing Partner, Noble Anesthesia Partner

A nationwide platform for our anesthesia partners and their clients.

For more than 25 years, the AAC model has supported anesthesia providers and practices with everything from recruiting and revenue cycle to procurement, even supporting facility design for surgeon clients. Our impact on healthcare is an order of magnitude beyond that, though. AAC partner practices have treated over one million patients, saving over one billion dollars through efficiency gains and optimization without compromising safety, clinician quality of life, or financial growth.

percent of claims processed in-network

Anesthesia providers recruited and onboarded over the past 12 months

Facilities and counting, treating over 150,000 patients per year


Anesthesia revenue increase per case


Year-over-year practice growth

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The Perverse Incentive of Hospital-Centric Care

The model of hospital-centric care is giving way to specialists and ambulatory settings. The US currently has 9,200 ambulatory surgery centers, surgical offices, and surgical clinics, with more breaking ground every single week.

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Our Anesthesia Partners

Meet Our Local Anesthesia Practices

AAC partner practices are anesthesia practices that specialize in community-focused non-hospital anesthesia services, working with clinics and office-based providers to deliver high-quality, safe, and effective anesthesia care to patients.

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Love what you do and who you work with, everyday.

Happy, fulfilled physicians, CRNAs, and clinical support staff provide better care. That’s why our ambulatory anesthesia practices offer predictable, flexible work schedules that match our clinicians’ needs. No nights, no weekends, no overnight call. Our doctors and nurses are home for dance recitals, football practice, dinner with friends, or their favorite new show.

Learn more about openings and how we reward our team for living our values and providing unparalleled patient experiences.

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With AAC, you’ll have the tools, talent, and resources you need to grow and remain focused on patient care.

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