The Full Service Ambulatory Anesthesia Platform

We empower anesthesia practices with management and administrative support, growing their group and the entire field of non-hospital surgical care.

With AAC, anesthesia groups offer unrivaled value to non-hospital surgeons.

A platform. A possibility. A promise.

AAC is an anesthesia infrastructure platform that partners with anesthesia groups to let them offer full suite of services and support that includes recruiting, revenue cycle, sales and marketing, tech integration, and more. 

Partnering with AAC means anesthesia practices become full service platforms for surgeons. With AAC, there are no more questions about how to grow. We’ll help you optimize utilization of your anesthesia staff and get the volume and payor mix you need to sustain great anesthesia coverage.

We’re creating a new gold standard in non-hospital anesthesia.


The only full-service anesthesia platform.

The First and Best Office-Based Ambulatory Anesthesia Groups

AAC pioneered office-based anesthesia. And then we took our model nation-wide.

Our in-house experts provide an unmatched suite of services and support for office-based anesthesia and their clients, including:
Recruiting, technical integration (scheduling and EMR), revenue cycle,  sales and marketing,  clinical best practices,  supply chain,  credentialing, accreditation  administrative infrastructure.
We even provide facility layout consulting for clients to maximize safety, outcomes, and throughput.

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AAC’s full-time, in-house recruiters work around the clock with the support of our marketing department to make sure each partner practice has the providers they need to serve their communities and continue to grow.


Scheduling, patient engagement, electronic medical records, data analytics, business software, and all of the tech needed to deliver safe, effective patient care.

Revenue Cycle

In-house, full cycle, RCM services including benefit verification and pre-collections and extensive reporting options allowing for revenue maximization and client profitability analysis.

Sales & Marketing

Practices that join AAC scale with business development and marketing support. We help them grow and serve more patients while maintaining safety and quality care.

Clinical Best Practices

Optimize the performance of partner clinics by applying best practices learned from decades of ambulatory care delivery.

Supply Chain

AAC procurement and supply chain management makes sure anesthesiologists and their care teams have the supplies they need when they need them.


Get and keep your team’s credentials up-to-date. We’re experts at helping teams earn and maintain the credentials needed for regulatory and reputational requirements, as well as supporting payor enrollment and contracting.


Our team of accreditation support experts have helped ASCs and accredited office-based surgical practices achieve and maintain  AAAHC, Quad A, and Joint Commission requirements.


We manage the entire anesthesia back-office, HR, payroll, recruiting, accounts payable.

Facility Design

Decades of experience have made us experts in laying out surgeon-client facilities, helping improve efficiency and patient throughput while creating a comfortable, safe, and compliant ambulatory surgical space.


Mutual Trust and Enthusiasm for Our Collective Mission

“M2 Anesthesia has been delivering anesthetics to the Pacific Northwest’s pediatric dental patients since 2009. In joining AAC, our world opened up with technology support, recruitment, a custom EMR, full billing team, expert guidance in navigating state and federal regulations, and a leadership team that is built on mutual trust and enthusiasm for our collective mission.”

Dr. Marlon Michel, MBA | Founder, M2 Anesthesia

Non-Hospital Clinics Thrive When Anesthesia is Reliable

Our care team model lets the future of medicine scale easily and reliably. When new facilities open? We’ll be there.

We are exclusively focused on non-hospital environments: ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, office-based surgical practices, and dental offices. We provide services, personnel, data, tools — anything to strengthen your practice, optimize patient care, and enhance business development.

Partnering with AAC is the ideal path for practices looking to grow and thrive while retaining their local community focus.

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Ambulatory Anesthesia Technologhy

Optimizing the Tech Stack for Ambulatory Anesthesia Care

No matter what technology change comes next, we’re here to help.

We implement and manage the best scheduling tools and patient engagement platforms to deliver seamless, non-intrusive patient experiences. That means anesthesiologists are always up to speed and ready to go, and doctors and dentists can focus on their patients’ procedures.

Be Part of the Future of Care

With our management support, you’ll have the tools, talent, and resources to focus on patient care.

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