Our Ambulatory Anesthesia Practice Partners

Meet the anesthesia groups of Ambulatory Anesthesia Care. With AAC, these practices focus on delivering safe, effective care, knowing our platform has their back on everything from recruiting to revenue cycle. With AAC, practices don’t just survive, they thrive.

Our Anethesia Partners

Local Experts Dedicated to Advancing Non-Hospital Care.

With more and more surgical procedures authorized for outpatient settings, healthcare in the United States is finally experiencing a renaissance for patients, providing care faster and more comfortably in the setting that best fits the procedure and their health status, whether that’s hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, or their doctor’s office.

Our anesthesia practices support the nation’s top experts in non-hospital surgical and dental care, helping them remove any barriers between patients and the safe, effective care they need.

Mobile Anethesiologists

Proudly serving the Chicagoland area for over 25 years, Mobile Anesthesiologists is AAC’s flagship practice, one that proudly pioneered office-based and ambulatory anesthesia and now sets the national standard in patient outcomes and client satisfaction.

Noble Anesthesia Partners

Noble’s team of experienced, innovative anesthesia providers deliver better patient, surgeon, and facility experiences across Texas. Whether in an office or ASC, Noble anesthesiologists and CRNAs work collaboratively with teams to optimize clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

M2 Anesthesia

M2 are specialists in administering general anesthesia to the pediatric dental patients on a daily basis. Through its work proudly servicing a large portion of the Medicaid communities across Washington and Oregon, M2 is dedicated to working with dentists and staff that take care of the PNW’s pediatric patients.

How it Works

What Does It Mean to Become an AAC Partner?

“What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about recruiting? Revenue cycle? What if you covered all anesthesia supplies for your clients?”

Focus on care — that’s the answer our anesthesia practices give when they can cover scheduling, billing management, procurement and a dozen other critical anesthesia-related tasks) to a trustworthy partner.

With AAC, our anesthesiologist-led partner practices can ensure their surgeon and dental clients can focus on care (and growth!).

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Keep Your Autonomy and Vision

Backed by a national team to deliver localized service.

AAC gives you the exact support you need to refocus on what matters most.

Deliver on Quality Care

Focus on quality of care must always come first. Our partners pass off the administrative distractions—and get back to delivering high-quality care.

From Surviving to Thriving

AAC is a platform in every sense of the word, giving anesthesia practices a new launch pad from which they can grow.

Clinical Decisions Stay Local

We don’t need anyone to change everything—or anything. AAC offers resources and support so our partners can grow and thrive.

“At Mobile, AAC makes sure we have everything we need to help patients feel comfortable, confident, and safe. I feel good at the end of every day.”

Meghan Valach, MD
Chief Medical Officer,
Mobile Anesthesiologists 


The Mobile Anesthesiologists Story

Founded in 1996 by Dr. David Barinholtz, Mobile Anesthesiologists set the national standard in office-based anesthesia and perioperative services. We developed a traveling surgical suite that allowed surgeons and proceduralists to provide hospital-level care in their offices, far surpassing safety standards established in Illinois.

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Noble: Ambulatory-Focused, Quality-Driven

Noble was founded to answer the question, “Who would want to have their gallbladder taken out and go home the same day?” It turned out the answer was, “Pretty much everyone.”

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Tom Kenjarski, Noble is a Texas-based, physician-owned, anesthesia group. Noble’s customer service-driven anesthesia team is more than 150 strong and ready to provide exceptional quality care in every setting. Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs live in the neighborhoods they service, bringing extensive anesthesia experience and a community focused approach to surgery centers, office-based surgical suites, and surgical hospitals throughout Texas.

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The M2 Anesthesia Story

M2 Anesthesia was founded to provide a safe anesthetic experience to each and every patient. The M2 team of physician-anesthesiologists specialize in administering safe, effective general anesthesia to pediatric dental patients on a daily basis. They’re big believers on working with dentists and staff as an integral part of the team, and taking care of the Pacific Northwest’s incredibly special (and fun!) patients.

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