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Independently owned and operated since 2011. AAC helps local ambulatory anesthesia groups thrive.

Our Mission

Combining the Best to Build Something New.

We aren’t a staffing company, but AAC practices install anesthesia departments in dental offices, ASCs, and surgical offices. We aren’t an MSO, but we provide the same services. We’re not a tech vendor, but we provide scheduling and EMR integration.

AAC is a true, full-service platform that turns community focused anesthesia practices into problem solvers that turn their dental and surgical clients into market leaders. 

We’re builders. Supporters. Doctors. Experts. And we’re here for you.
That’s our mission. 

Our History

The Future of Non-Hospital Anesthesia

Ambulatory Anesthesia Care—formerly Ambulatory Management Solutions—began in 2007 when Mobile Anesthesiologists brought back-end business services in-house.

Founded in 1996, Mobile Anesthesiologists set the national standard in office-based anesthesia and perioperative services. Mobile did so by developing a traveling surgical suite that allowed proceduralists to provide hospital-level care in their offices, all while surpassing every quality and safety standard.

In 2011, AMS (now AAC) spun off from Mobile Anesthesiologists and became a bold new platform in healthcare, providing recruiting, tech, revenue cycle, sales and marketing, clinical best practices, supply chain management, credentialing, accreditation, administration, even surgical office layout consulting.

Developing a Sustainable Financial Model

True turnkey anesthesia service requires an innovative, sustainable financial model to support a gold-standard clinical model.

By maximizing insurance reimbursement, controlling costs, and handling all administrative support, AAC is built help its practices surpass the expectations of healthcare’s quintuple aim. With AAC and its practices, patients have better access to care in more comfortable settings. Costs are controlled (The majority of patients have costs fully covered by insurance), and clinicians work schedules that let them live fuller lives.

This business and clinical partnership, coined “biznical” by CEO Scott Mayer, is the foundation and driver for AAC.

A group of doctors consulting each other about a patient

Overcoming Commodification in ASCs

Anesthesia in ambulatory surgery centers has been diminished to a commodity. AAC helps practices showcase their efforts beyond sending a provider, helping ASC administration to see anesthesia groups as an indispensable partner.

With AAC’s support, practices don’t have to worry about losing those critical, long standing relationships with clients to the lowest bidding national staffing firm. We make sure our practices are able to deliver on promises the competition can’t even touch with an unrivaled ownership of excellence in care and an unmatched suite of additional services and support.

With AAC, your value proposition to ASCs is second to none. 

The Future of AAC

The Largest Office-Based Anesthesia and Perioperative Service Platform in the U.S.

The horizon is bright as we grow nationally, becoming the largest office-based anesthesia and perioperative service platform in the country.

Our continued commitment to healthcare’s quintuple aim and the future of non-hospital surgical care is critical to delivering better outcomes to patients and a better life for clinicians, and helping practices thrive while still saving communities money.

What We Do

AAC’s True Turnkey Platform

We provide everything a non-hospital anesthesia practices needs to be the undeniable best.

Even with that support, our practices maintain independence and clinical autonomy. It is through this true partnership that we’ve seen the successful dissemination of our model across the U.S. With each new practice, our groups share expertise, whether it’s pediatric dental, ambulatory surgery centers, or office-based anesthesia.

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Technology Integrations

Revenue cycle management

Payer contracting

Marketing and business development

Procurement and supply chain management

Primary source verification and credentialing

Financial leadership

Strategic oversight

Our Anesthesia Partners

An Infrastructure Platform for Anesthesia Practices

AAC continues to grow around our unmatched infrastructure and expertise, ensuring all our clients continue to be the market leaders in service, quality, experience, and outcomes.

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Resource Center

Discover the Future of Office-Based Anesthesia Care

At The Scope, we provide guidance and leadership in an ongoing conversation with our peers in healthcare. We cover everything from the direction medicine is moving to how surrounding innovations can give back control to physicians and patients.

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Ambulatory Management Solutions Rebrands to Ambulatory Anesthesia Care (AAC)

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