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Scott Mayer

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Mayer is the chief executive officer of AAC, a role he has held since the company was formed in 2011. Prior to founding AAC, Scott served as the chief financial officer and practice administrator for Mobile Anesthesiologists. Scott received a BA in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

As the CEO, Scott is the backbone of the organization, overseeing all aspects of business development, physician relations, operations as well as financial and executive management. He has spent every waking moment of his professional career studying the business of healthcare. Whether it’s the circumstances of today, or planning for 20 years in the future, with Scott, every opportunity to grow is considered. Scott’s dedication to his team rises to the level of family, investing in the future of every member of the AAC family, seeing their potential just as clearly as he sees a better future for healthcare.

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